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Life Force Wellness Center was created strictly for YOU and the center of focus is always on YOU. Weather you come for an emotional, behavioral, physical, or spiritual matter, you will be treated with an integrated approach to achieve total health and well-being. Multiple treatment modalities are offered to you to fulfill your needs and accomplish your goals. You will be empowered, supported on a positive path for change and growth, and live your fullest potential.

Join me to start to improve yourself and the world you live in. End result- A LIFE in BALANCE.


Individual, couple,  and family therapy.

Specializing in Trauma, Women's and  Men's issues, ADHD, Depression,  Grief, Anxiety,  Career Issues, Stress, Anger, Mood Disorders, LGBT, AIDS/HIV, Cancer, Post Corrections, Eating Disorders, Addictions.

 Athletes-Actors-Musicians-Artists who are having performance issues.

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The most effective counseling treatment for many mental health conditions.

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Mediation to settle divorce, child custody/access, adoption, foster care, never married, special education, peer  issues, victim/offender, probate, elder care, LGBT, family business, and foreclosures.

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Coaching for all aspects of an individual, couple, or business. Life coaching addresses specific personal projects, business successes, general conditions and transitions by examining what is going on right now, discovering what your obstacles or challenges might be and choosing a course of action to make  your life the way you want it to be.

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"Its been said that there is no greater psychiatrist than a puppy-dog licking one's face. But, sometimes when the complexities of human affairs muddle and cloud the mind-pershaps to the extent that one's connection to nature's signals is blocked-one needs a holistic human approach to restore the sunlight of balance and clarity. After many experiences I finally found Alexandria. Her approach recognizes the mind-body connection through modalities both ultra-modern and ancient. I noticed the positive effects of working with her after my very first session. After several sessions I feel I am able to maximize my life in every aspect as I have never felt before. Alexandria teaches you to be empowered to self treat. She is a wonderful resource with natural gifts and top-notched training. I recommend her to everyone."

"M from Oshkosh, WI

Director of High Fives, Apple

"I've been working with Alexandria for 5 months and it has been an amazing journey. Besides learning new ways to communicate and new ways to be honest without being critical or judgmental, I'm learning to love myself. I think most of us have been told we are important and that we matter but the difference for me is now I BELIEVE it. Being able to ask for what I want and need has put balance in my life and when I'm in that "Zen" zone, I"m at peace in this universe."

"T from Berlin, WI"

Head of Potatoes, The Internet

"Alexandria has helped me like no other therapist has done before. She was always patient and never looked at the clock. I could open up about my pain, issues, and problems. She always made me feel I was important. She gets to the roots of the problem and is open and direct in her approach. She provides tools to fix things. After 46 years I am a new man living my life free, balanced, and happy. Being at peace with myself has caused the rest of my life to follow suit. I was tired of living a life that always seemed to fall short of what I wanted and I was not the person I knew I could be. I didn't realize I had nothing until I found myself and changed internally. This is what Alexandria did for me. Now I have peace and joy. I feel so lucky to have had this experience and recommend her to everyone looking for a better life."

"J from Waukesha, WI"

Chief Ranch Dressing Advisor

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